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Simplifying the Process for online GST Registration in Hosur

Now, It’s simple to file online GST Registration in Hosur, all businesses with a turnover of Rs. 20 Lakhs, Rs. 10 Lakhs (under specific conditions) or more must register for GST. Businesses involved in the supply of goods or services that fall under GST taxation governance must mandatorily get their businesses registered. Registering on time will eliminate any sort of interference from tax authorities and business will be smoothly proceeded.

Who all need GST Registration?

The registration in GST is PAN based and State specific. Supplier has to register in each such State or Union territory from where he effects supply if he fulfills any of the following conditions:

  Having an annual aggregate turnover from all-India operations which is above the threshold limit of Rs. 20 Lakhs   Currently registered under any of the earlier indirect tax regimes (VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws) irrespective of the threshold limit.   Having branches in multiple states or multiple business verticals in one state.   Making any supply to other states.   Required to pay tax under Reverse Charge (In case your supplier is not registered under GST).   Required to deduct tax at source or an Input Service Distributor.   Agents of a supplier.   Supplying goods or services through E-commerce Operator.   E-commerce Operator / Aggregator who supplies goods or services under his brand name (e.g. Flipkart, Amazon, Ola).



Step 1

Submission of the required documents:
The Applicant is required to furnish the required documents for filing of the application for registration of GST.

Step 2

Based on the documents furnished and information given, we will create login for GST registration and prepare the application for registration. We will submit the application along with required documents. Up on Submission, we will receive an email acknowledgement confirming filing of the application.

Step 3

Based on the submitted application along with documents, The Department will scrutinize the application along with documents, will approve the Registration or send the application back for submitting further information or documents.

Step 4

Up on the submission of further information, The Department will issue Certificate of Registration of GST.

Documents required for

GST Registration

  PAN Card of owner/ directors/ partners.   Bill of Electricity/ Telephone.   Rent Agreement or Letter of Consent (NOC).   MOA/ AOA or Partnership Deed   Letter of Authorisation for signatory.   Bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque.   Aadhaar Card of owners/ directors/ partners.

GST Return Due Dates in India

Return Due Date Persons Required to File
GSTR-1 10th of Every Month All Registered Persons
GSTR-2 15th of Every Month All Registered Persons
GSTR-3 20th of Every Month All Registered Persons
GSTR-4 18th of April, July, October and January Persons Registered under Composition Scheme
GSTR-5 20th of Every Month and within 7 Days after Expiry of Registration Non-Resident Taxable Persons
GSTR-6 13th of Every Month Input Service Distributors
GSTR-7 10th of Every Month Authorities Deducting Tax at Source
GSTR-8 10th of Every Month E-Commerce Operators
GSTR-9 31st December of Next Financial Year Registered Persons*
GSTR-10 Within 3 Months of Cancellation of GST Registration Registered Persons with Surrendered or Cancelled GST Registration



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