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Partnership Company Registration

Partnership Company Registration in just 7 Days

In general, a partnership firm is one that is held by all of the partners who jointly run the business and share their obligations and liabilities in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the registered partnership deed. Partnership firms come in two basic varieties: registered and non-registered firms. While registration is not required, it is highly advised in order to take advantage of numerous government perks.

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Types of Partners

Based on the level of liability in a partnership firm, the different types of partners can be determined.

Active/Actual Partners

Sleeping or Dormant Partner

Nominal Partner

Partner in Profits Only

Sub Partners

Incoming/Outgoing Partner


Online Partnership Firm Registration

Documents Required for Partnership Firm Registration Online in India
Partnership Deed

Partnership Deed

Partnership deed is an agreement created and prepared by the firm's partners that outlines all the policies, obligations, rules, procedures, methodologies, functions, and ownership stakes of the company.

Pan Card

Identity Proof

The residence proof of the partners like PAN cards must be shown as identification documentation by every registered partnership firm Registration or member of a partnership firm Registration.

Address Proof

Address Proof

Copy of each designated partner's identification document, such as their voter registration card, driver's license, ration card, or Aadhar card, must be presented for the partnership company registration.

Office Address Proof

Office Address Proof

The applicant must provide the rent agreement along with a utility statement, such as an electricity, gas, water, or property tax bill, if the registered office location is a rented property.

Procedure for Partnership Firm Registration in India

If a designated partner passes away or retires, certain procedures or circumstances would be followed Other articles created with the approval of all partners or members of the company.Submission of the partnership deed, which the firm's partners prepared, along with all the paperwork needed to register the partnership.The relevant authorities verify the documents after submission. The firm is given the registration certificate if everything complies with the act's requirements.

Online Partnership Company Registration Near BangaloreTODAYFILINGS
Choose a distinctive name for the partnership company, and register your partnership firm by submitting Form 1.
Send the completed application to the state's registrar of firms where the business will be established. The application form must be filled out in the appropriate format and include the required fee.
With the approval of all the partners or members of the company, a partnership deed is properly planned and prepared on stamp paper.
The type of business and the activities that are involved and information about loans provided by the firm's partners
Information regarding the capital investment made by each of the firm's partners shares, as well as each partner's interest
Information on how the profit and loss ratio is distributed also Rules, regulations, rights, obligations, commissions, salaries, or other amounts payable among all of the firm's partners.

Registration Procedure For Partnership Company Registration

Easiest Business Structure

One of the most straightforward business forms is a partnership firm, which may be formed by simply drafting a partnership document, which must be registered. As a result, it can be founded whenever the partners are prepared to contribute and with the least amount of paperwork, as opposed to other forms of corporations that need about 10-15 days to complete and so on.

Easy Management

According to the partnership agreement, each partner of the partnership firm is given their own tasks and obligations based on their qualifications. The firm's partners can operate the business without interruption or controversy thanks to the partnership deed.

Partnership Company Management Decision Making
Partnership Firm Registration In India Unlimited Liabilities

Collaborate on business endeavours.
Such a company's primary goal is to increase profits.
The partners in this partnership firm are those individuals.
profits and losses of the company are divided among all of the partners or employees in proportion to their individual ownership and contributions.
Amount of capital investment necessary, therefore the money committed is frequently substantial.
Partnership firm's decision-making process and procedure is a corporate or communal business.
Before making any decisions pertaining to the firm, each and every partner must travel in the same manner.
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Funds Raising

Funds can be easily raised through the registration of partnership firms in contrast to other firms or business structures like a proprietorship firm. Banks believe that this sort of company is better suited to approving credits and loans as well as splitting up the cost of paying the way to collect a more manageable contribution from the partners.

Decision Making

Making a decision in a partnership firm registration in India is a simpler and easier process because there aren't any laws or regulations that must be followed. Without the approval of the other designated partners, one of the partners of the firm may conduct business or handle financial matters on the partnership firm's behalf.

Partnership Company Registration Advantages
Unlimited Liabilities

The major disadvantage for the firm's partners is that the partners' obligations are not restricted. The partners' own assets may be used to pay off loans, problems, or obligations in the event of any other disaster or difficulty. Yes, there is a cap on the maximum number of members; in the Partnership Firm, there is a cap of 20 partners.

Less Trustworthy

Because a partnership firm is simple to set up, can operate without having to register, and can operate without any particular laws or regulations, the general public has less faith in it.

Abrupt Dissolution

partnership must be registered, and it can be readily dissolved in the event of insolvency or the death of any partner. Such circumstances prevent the business from expanding and developing.

Partnership Company Registration Disadvantages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Only those who reside in India are eligible to join a partnership firm as partners or members. Foreigners who wish to establish a business in India may select a Private Limited Company.

It is possible to change a partnership firm into a private limited company by submitting the required document to the appropriate authority.

In India, there is no minimum capital need to register a partnership firm. The sum in the current bank account is all that is required.

Not necessarily. However, unless a partnership firm is registered with the registrar of firms and societies, the rights of the partners inter se or against strangers cannot be enforced in a court of law. If the partnership deed itself creates, transfers or affects an interest in immovable property.

You can apply for the PAN Card after the partnership agreement has been notarized. If you need help applying for a PAN for your partnership firm, you can use our support and direction.

Yes. A person may become a partner with another for a single adventure or undertaking.

According to the Partnership Act of 1932, the Partnership Firm is not required to conduct an audit. However, it is required to have the account books audited if the company's annual revenue exceeds $2 million.

Submitting a suit for arbitration, transfer of immovable property, acquisition of immovable property, withdrawal of suits is all forbidden except by the consent of all partners or by the usage of custom to the contrary.

Yes. The firm and all the partners are liable for the wrongful act or fraud which causes loss or injury to any third parties.

Every partner will be liable for the acts of the firm even if he has retired, if he has failed to give public notice of his retirement. Such notice should be given to the registrar of firms an by announcements in the local official gazette.