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Only with ease of e-filing, which is done entirely online, filing your income tax returns is now simpler than ever. In addition to being secure, submitting taxes online is simpler and faster than going in person to the income tax office.As a responsible Indian citizen, you are required to file your income tax returns (ITR), and you can do this online from the convenience of your home.

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Self E-Filing

File your ITR hassle-free entirely by yourself in under 3 minutes. We’ve made e-filing incredibly easy for you.
form 16

Don't have Form 16?

We will pre-fill your data from IT Department and help you with filing returns undefined.


Invested in Stocks

Simply Upload your P&L Report and we will auto-fill all your data and help you with filing returns undefined.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Simply Upload your P&L Report and we will auto-fill all your data and help you with filing returns undefined.

Assisted Filing

Capital Gains

Capital gain can be defined as any profit that is received through the sale of a capital asset. The profit that is received falls under the income category. Therefore, a tax needs to be paid on the income that is received. The tax that is paid is called capital gains tax and it can either be long term or short term. The tax that is levied on long term and short term gains starts from 10% and 15%, respectively.

Under the Income Tax Act, capital gains tax in India need not be paid in case the individual inherits the property and there is no sale.
Upload your documents.
Review Computation sheet.
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Salaried Income

Salary income is the money an employee receives from a current or former employer in exchange for doing tasks related to their employment.

Get a professional to handle your taxes if you merely make a salary and receive interest from fixed deposits or savings accounts. No fuss. entirely digital.
Upload your documents.
Review computation sheet.
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TODAYFILINGS-ITR For Salaried Income
Advance Tax

Advance tax is tax payable by individuals who have sources of income other than their salary. This is applicable to rent, capital gains from shares, fixed deposits, lottery winnings, etc. It can be paid online or through certain banks.

Purchase Plan.
Give us specifics about your taxable income and any deductions that are available.
The amount of tax that must be deposited as advance tax before the deadline will be provided to you by TODAYFILINGS experts.
Due to the difficulties in accurately calculating dividend revenue, they used to have to pay interest on advance taxes on dividend income. TODAYFILINGS will assist them in avoiding this.
Foreign Income

Foreign earned income serves as the basis for the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign housing exclusion, and foreign housing deduction. For these purposes, foreign earned income is money you receive for work you do abroad during a time when your tax home is abroad and you pass the physical presence test or the bona fide residence test.

Upload your documents.
Review computation sheet.
GReturn filed & acknowledgement generated.
For individual NRIs and Indians with income in India who are residing overseas, this plan is ideal. Obtain professional assistance while submitting your income taxes.
TODAYFILINGS is the Best ITR Service in Hosur

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Most Popular

Salary/House rent income

  • Less than 50 lacs in salary
  • Household assets
  • Withdrawals from bank deposits & PF funds
  • Donations
Most Popular

Salary/House rent income

  • Less than 50 lacs in salary
  • Household assets
  • Withdrawals from bank deposits & PF funds
  • Donations
  • Dividends greater then 10.
  • Director of a company
Most Popular

Capital gains income

  • Gains from equities, mutual funds, and real estate
  • Earnings from prizes and the lottery
  • Includes all expenses in the salary/home income plan from prizes and the lottery
Most Popular

Earnings from foreign

  • Earnings made outside of India
  • Profits for NRE and NRO accounts made in India
  • Selling ESOPs or RSUs
  • DTAA instruction
  • Everything in the capital gains income plan is covered
  • Includes filing returns for shares, SOPs, and foreign investments in India
  • Foreign asset disclosure for Indian residents

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Frequently Asked Questions

ITR 1 Forms are submitted by taxpayers and residents of India who have a combined income of up to INR 50 lakhs from salary, one primary residence, other sources (interest, dividends, etc.), and up to INR 5,000 from agriculture.

One can access the pre-filling and filing of ITR services if they are registered users of the e-Filing portal. Individual taxpayers can make use of this facility to submit ITR-1s online using the e-Filing website.

If a taxpayer misses the deadline for filing an ITR, penalty interest at the rate of 1% per month is applied to the unpaid tax. Furthermore, section 234A takes effect starting on the original due date, which in this case is July 31, 2021, if the unpaid tax balance reaches Rs 1 lakh.

It is required to record dividend income from mutual funds. Dividend income is not taxed under Section 10 of the Internal Revenue Code (35). You must include it in Part D of your ITR, under the heading "exempt Income" (others).

Yes, it is necessary to include interest income from other sources even if the tax is deducted by the bank.

ITR returns can be filed offline: By furnishing a return in Physical Paper form after which an acknowledgment is issued at the time of submission of the physical paper return.

ITR cannot be used by a tax assessee who is not claiming exemption under Section 139 (4A), Section 139 (4B), Section 139 (4C), or Section 139 (4D).

The due date for all Tax Access, whose accounts are required to be audited, is 30th September. The due date for Tax Access, whose accounts are not required to be audited, is 31st July.

Download the Income Tax Return Forms through the following steps: Visit the official website of income tax Income Tax India Filing Click on the tab of Downloads on the homepage. A list of forms will be available thereafter. Select the form in an excel sheet or java utility. Continue to fill the downloaded form for filing the return

Once the return is filed, the assessee shall get the print of two copies of the ITR- form, one copy shall be sent through the post to the CPC office and the second copy shall be retained for record.

Any person making false statements in return or schedules is liable for prosecution u/s 277 of Income Tax Act 1961 with imprisonment and fine.