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Even if you do not receive HRA, you may now claim a deduction of up to Rs. 60,000 under Section 80GG.

Calculate your potential exemption as well, should you be eligible for the HRA.

HRA Calculator

Salary would be calculated as Basic Pay + D.A. for the calculations above (if considered for retirement benefits)

Actual HRA was paid
Rent less 10% of salary is paid.
40% of Salary (in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata, 50% of Salary)
Metro City
Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai Other City
Other than Metro City

What is an HRA?

House Rent AllowanceTODAYFILINGS
HRA, or House Rent Allowance, is a payment that salaried people receive from their employer to cover their housing costs.
For the employee who lives in a rented home, the money received is partially free from tax.
The entire sum would be taxable if the employee does not pay rent and lives in his or her own home.
Get a tax benefit from my HRA.
By giving your parents rent, you can obtain a tax break on your HRA. The use of a rent agreement is advised.
Rent receipts are required in order to claim HRA exemption. Additionally, your parents must disclose your rental income on their income tax return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rent receipts are not necessary if your monthly rent is less than Rs. 3,000.

You must produce rent receipts if your monthly rent exceeds Rs. 3,000. To create rent receipts, go here.

If your monthly rent exceeds Rs. 8,333, your landlord's PAN must also be provided.

If the landlord does not have a PAN, the landlord must make a declaration to that effect.

The HRA tax benefit cannot be claimed if you pay your spouse's rent. So, HRA exemptions are not accessible to you if you live in a home owned by your husband.However, if you still want to ask for an exemption, be prepared to go to court since the income tax officer might agree, according to a ruling from the Ahmadabad Tribunal in one of the cases.

No, if you own your home, you cannot benefit from HRA's tax advantages. One cannot pay one's own rent. Therefore, there is no HRA exemption available, and the entire HRA earned is subject to "Income from Salary" taxation.

It is necessary to report the landlord's PAN in order to qualify for HRA exemption if the annual rent paid exceeds Rs. 1,00,000/-.

If the landlord does not have a PAN, a landlord declaration is necessary. Click here to obtain the declaration of landlord format.

There is no requirement that you not own a home in order to qualify for HRA. Even if you own a home but live in a rented space, you are still eligible for an exemption (in the same city or in a different city).

Certainly, yes. Both may be claimed. You may be able to claim an HRA tax exemption if you are living in a leased home. Additionally, if you have a mortgage, you are also eligible to get benefits related to your mortgage.

Yes, why not, so long as they both have rent to pay. It will also be beneficial if the landlord gives two separate rent receipts or indicates on the rent receipt how much of the rent is paid by each tenant.

It has frequently been noticed that businesses fail to provide an HRA exception in Form 16 when full information is not available. You can immediately claim the exemption in your IT return if your HRA claim was not taken into account in form 16.

Our professionals are here to assist you in efficiently filing your IT return and claiming all of the relevant tax exemptions and deductions.

Since a self-employed person does not get a wage, there is no HRA and no need to discuss an exemption from the HRA.

However, there is a different provision in the Income Tax Act that can be used to address this circumstance. Section 80GG allows a person who is not receiving HRA but is paying rent for his home to claim a deduction.