How do I utilise TODAYFILINGS's eligibility checker?

Click on "Check Your Eligibility for ITR" on the "Income Tax Eligibility Checker" page

Your date of birth and yearly income are requested on the "Income Details" page. Click "Next" after accurately entering the information.
It then says "Other Details." Answer each question by selecting "yes" or "no" for each.
The final screen appears, asking for personal information including complete name, email address, and mobile number. Enter all the information, then press "Next." (This step can also be skipped)
The TODAYFILINGS eligibility checker indicates whether or not you must file an ITR. If you must file an ITR, select the "File ITR Now" option provided below.
Prerequisites for e-Filing
The important residence details documents that are required for filing income tax returns are Permanent account number Aadhar card, Bank Account details,
And the forms to be submitted for filing income tax returns Form 16, Form 26AS, Investment details.
Steps For ITR Eligibility CheckingTODAYFILINGS