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In the commercial world, a Limited Liability Partnership, or LLP, has a unique position. As a result, a corporation must regularly submit its yearly compliance to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in order to preserve its active position. Whether the business is open for business or not, the LLP must file an annual compliance report. Two separate forms must be filed annually for LLP compliance one is for the Annual Return and the other is for the Report of Accounts and Solvency.

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    Avoid Penalties
    Greater Reputation
    Financial Worth Records
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Documents needed for LLP's Annual Compliance Filing

Annual Filing Documents RequiredTODAYFILINGS
PAN card and certificate of incorporation for LLP
Together with any report or agreement, the LLP Agreement.
If any Financial report or Statement of LLP is required, it must be properly signed by the allocated partners.
Using the LLP's name and identification number as a proof of ownership.
Address of the LLP's registered office and its industry categorization.
The LLP's main lines of business and total accountability for the LLP partners' contributions.
Aspects of the Partners and Partners selected by the LLP Partner and Designated Partner Evaluation All LLP partners have endorsed the total contribution.
Information on any fines imposed on the LLP also characteristics of an LLP or corporation where partners serve as directors or partners.

Annual Filing of LLP

In contrast to all other forms of companies, LLPs are required by law to declare their financial year as running from April 1 to March 31 each year. As a result, the deadlines for the LLP annual return and the Account & Solvency Report are both May 30 and October 30 respectively. LLPs are required to file IT returns every year in addition to the MCA annual return.
LLP Form 8

LLP Form 8

With a certain fee, Form 8 must be submitted within 30 days. Statements of Solvency, Income & Expenditure Statements, and Statements of Accounts are all included. It must be certified by an accredited chartered accountant and bear the digital signatures of two of the company's appointed partners.

LLP Form 11

LLP Form 11

Every year on May 30th, LLP Form 11 filing is required. This form must be submitted by all LLPs within 60 days of the end of each financial year. It contains data on the overall number of partners, the sum of contributions made by all partners, and the total number of body corporations that are partners.

Income Tax Return Filing

Income Tax Return Filing

LLPs had to submit IT returns along with Form ITR 5. By going to the income tax department's official website, this form can be submitted online. The LLP can file the tax on July 31st if a tax audit is not necessary. The LLP must file its taxes by September 30th in order to be subject to an audit.

LLP Tax Audit

LLP Tax Audit

Since LLP is a distinct legal organization, it is entirely up to the Designated Partners to keep an accurate report of finances and submit annual reports to the MCA each fiscal year. Auditing the accounts is not necessary unless the relevant LLP's contribution reaches Rs. 25 lakhs or its annual turnover.

Checklist for Annual Compliance of LLP Filing

It is necessary to submit annual reports to the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
Annual returns for LLPs must be submitted with Form 11 in the required manner.
Annual returns must be filed no later than two months or sixty days after the end of the year. This could be submitted on May 30 of each year.
Every LLP that is registered must comply with the annual compliance requirement, even if no business is being conducted. If the LLP has been dissolved or even if there isn't a company bank account, it must be obtained.
Checklist for Annual Compliance of LLP FilingTODAYFILINGS

Benefits of Annual Compliance for LLP

The accounting department is one of the most important parts of a company's organizational structure. our consulting services are

Financial Worth Records

Companies have access to the Limited Liability Partnership's forms. Therefore, the authorized party may also visit or audit the financial worth when engaging into significant initiatives or contracts.
An interested person or party may request a copy of the LLP's annual filing to see the company's financial standing and capabilities.
Greater Reputation

Formal compliance is a prerequisite for any organization or company. Anyone can access the Master Data of the LLP on the MCA site to see the status of the Limited Liability Partnership annual filing.
A key factor in determining the legitimacy of a corporate entity for loan approvals or other similar needs is annual compliance.
Simple conversion and completion

The conversion of the LLP into any other type of corporation or organization requires an annual filing. The conversion process is made easier by the regular compliance reports.
The same employee in the event that an LLP firm is closed. The Registrar may demand that the annual compliance and LLP filing fee be submitted even if the LLP was not active.
Keep your status active to avoid fines

The Limited Liability Partnership may be declared inactive or given default status in the event of consecutive yearly filing defaults.
The partners may also be declared in default and barred from future appointments in an LLP or another business. Consequently, filing the annual return is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The LLP whose LLP capital contribution surpasses Rs. 25 lakhs or whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs

For LLP compliances every year, there are 3 essential compliances required,

Annual return.

Financial reports or Statements of the LLP.

IT Returns Filings.

The LLP whose LLP capital contribution surpasses Rs. 25 lakhs or whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs.

You must resubmit your E-Form to fix or alter the errors noted by the relevant MCA office if the status is SRN or "Sent for Resubmission."

Every LLP is required to submit LLP Form 8, also known as a "Statement of Accounts and Solvency," once a year. This form contains information on the LLP's financial's, such as asset-liability information.

After submitting all required documents, the company registration process can be finished in 15 to 35 working days.

The LLPs are corporate entities and are operated by the legal rules and the procedures that are the stated in LLP Act 2008. Irrespective of the turnover the LLPs have to file the annual returns giving details on the management on the financial performance. Any delay in the same attracts a heavy penalty.

The Board meeting is conducted by the Board of Directors, here no BOD is involved in the LLPs instead the designated partners run the whole business and are also responsible for the compliance

There are many privileges for the LLPs as compared to other companies there are exemptions from maintaining the minutes' books, statutory register, annual general meeting as well as flexible rates.

The Partners need to comply with the annual return filing with the MCA, filing the statement of accounts.