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The central government deducts income tax from each qualifying taxpayer. The process of submitting an income tax return, also known as an ITR, allows the taxpayer to claim tax deductions, calculate their net tax obligation, and keep track of their total taxable income. To avoid unnecessary disagreements, it is essential that people know how to submit income tax forms online in India and get assistance from professionals.

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Why File Income Tax Returns?

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Why is it necessary to keep records of your income tax returns?
If your total Indian income exceeds Rs 2.5 lakh, you must file an income tax return, whether you are a resident Indian or an NRI.
It is a good habit to document or file your income taxes electronically whether or not you fall within this restriction. An important record that you should start keeping as soon as you start making money from home is an income tax return filing online in India. This document reflects your financial stability and success while also demonstrating your capacity to pay back loans.
How might you prove an online income tax return filing in India?
You can file your income tax returns online with us or through the website of the income tax department.
With us, submitting an income tax return (ITR) is incredibly easy. Within 7 minutes, you can electronically file your taxes!
Additionally, be aware that the deadline to electronically file your income tax return for the assessment year 2019–2020 is earlier than July 31, 2019.

Income TAX Return Filing

Information required for e-filing your income tax returns
Pan Card


Produce critical information, such as your PAN and present location.

Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card

Produce critical information, such as an Aadhar Card and your current location.



Verifications from businesses such FDs and savings accounts, among other things.

Section 80

Section 80

Information regarding every deduction you are eligible for under Section 80.

Tax Instalment

Tax Instalment

Tax instalment information, such as TDS and payments made in advance of taxes.

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

Accounts that you provide information about every bank account you have had in the specified fiscal year.

Income Tax Filing Online in India Process

Check In The Event That You Need To Document A Tax Return

For FY 2018-19, if your pay reaches Rs 2.5 lakh (Rs 3 lakh for those matured 60 years and more) you need document an income tax return in India. You should likewise record a tax return if extra TDS has been deducted and you need to ensure a refund. Paper tax return or electronic submission of taxes? You should file your income tax return online if you pay more than Rs 5 lakh in taxes or if you want a refund. When the individual taxpayer is 80 years of age or older, an exception is provided.

Accumulate Your Documents For Tax Filing

Keep in mind that the income tax return has no annexure's. This means that your tax return should not be sent with any supporting documents. However, be careful when storing them. This will be useful in the event that the income tax division has any questions about your tax return.

Basic information, such as PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account information.
Paperwork that links your compensation, such as Form 16 or Form 16A.
Upload Your Form 16

Every company in India issues Form 16 to each employee, often in the final seven days of May and the first fourteen days of June. They are available as two separate PDFs or in a single PDF.All the information pertaining to the company's TAN and TDS is contained in Part A of Form 16. Important information concerning compensations, including HRA, LTA, your taxable wage, and deductions you have declared on the hour of investment accommodation, is contained in Part B.To automatically review your income, deductions, and TDS and pre-fill your income tax filing, just upload them to! Post Form 16 here. If you don't have a Form 16, you can still set up a tax return with just a paystub.

Claim Overdue Deductions and determine whether you need to make up any unpaid taxes.

You can make a claim for any missed Section 80C expenses or deductions, including HRA and LIC premiums. LTA and medical reimbursements are not claimable. If you missed the deadline for submitting your investment proof in person, you can still claim your HRA, LIC premium, and any other Section 80C expenses or deductions when electronically filing your return with This will reduce your tax obligation. Please be aware that LTA and medical reimbursements cannot be claimed.

On the screen, a 15-digit acknowledgment number will appear.

You will receive a confirmation email with the 15-digit acknowledgement number from TODAYFILINGS and the income tax preparation department once you file your tax return online at TODAYFILINGS.

Send your income tax return by ITR-V or electronically.

Within 120 days of the date of e-filing, you can e-verify your tax return online or send a one-page affirmation to the income tax department in Bangalore. With the majority of Net Banking accounts, this should be available. Make sure you verify the tax returns because the tax department does not handle returns that have not been verified.

Track Your Refund If You Expect One.

The e filing income tax department gets quicker every year with preparing your tax refunds. Taxpayers can expect to get their refund anyplace between only a little while for a couple of months.

If necessary, pay tax online at the department's website.

As you fill up your tax return documentation, the tax is calculated. If you discover that you must pay additional tax, you should pay the tax first and then electronically file your tax return. Before July 31st, both of these should be completed. In the unlikely event that you fail to pay this tax by July 31st, you will be subject to interest charges of 1% per month (simple interest) on the unpaid tax balance. This interest will be calculated starting on the day that you must record the beginning of the applicable year until the day that you actually file your Indian income tax return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After electronically documenting your income tax return, you receive an ITR-V, a one-page document. Within 120 days of e-documenting your government form, you must print, sign, and deliver it to the Income Tax Department.

Individuals and the HUFs that are carrying business or profession are required to file the details of the assets and the liabilities through a balance sheet. It is necessary to file schedule AL while filing ITR which includes the taxpayer above Rs.50 lakh.

For each type of tax scenario, there are nine structures: ITR 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4S, 5, 6 and 7. Choosing the appropriate annual tax paperwork takes a lot of effort. Because of this, if you are filing with, we will determine the appropriate income tax return format.

ITR is applicable for the individuals and the HUFs that do not have any income from business or profession. The ITR filing can be done online on the e-filing portal or in excel utility.

Using your net banking account and Challan 280, you can legally pay administration taxes on the Income Tax Department website.

If your agricultural salary is up to Rs 5,000, you can submit Form ITR 1. You must provide ITR 2 documentation for rural pay in excess of Rs 5,000.

ITR is divided into 2 parts, Part A and B.

If your agricultural salary is up to Rs 5,000, you can submit Form ITR 1. You must provide ITR 2 documentation for rural pay in excess of Rs 5,000.

ITR return structures are less structured in terms of connections, thus a citizen is not required to submit any reports in conjunction with the arrival of payment (such as project verification, TDS declarations, etc). (regardless of whether documented physical or recorded electronically). However, these documents must be kept by the citizen and supplied to the duty professionals upon request in situations like evaluation, request, and so forth.

Part A of Form ITR includes all the general information.

Part B consists of the total income computation and the tax liability on the total income computation.